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10:00 am - 11:00 am


Weekly Monday meetings where, as a collective,
we plan events, discuss campaign strategy,
and learn conditions in the garment
industry together.

Weekly Collective Meeting



The screening of the documentary True Cost was put on for the Buy Your Values UCLA campaign, as we work this year within the Environmental Justice Now component of the USAC Facilities Commission. It was also done with support and collaboration by Labor 411. 

The documentary featured personal interviews and testimonies from workers in Bangladesh, global fashion activists from the War on Want, and fashion brands trying to make their production more ethical. We tied it into work we want to bring to UCLA at the student store and larger work for environmental justice and worker justice done by our student government!

We were honored to be on this panel! Thank you to the Garment Worker Center for putting on the event, and to the endorsing organizations, UCLA Labor Center, Student Labor Advocacy Project, United Students Against Sweatshops, FAST at UCLA, Unravel, and Refine LA. Thank you to the facilitators, Sophia from Unravel and Eden from Refine LA. Thank you to the fellow panelists Sara Mora a.k.a. @misssaramora on IG, Diana Ibarria of All for Ramon, Valerie Pinto of the Student Labor Advocacy Project, and Lorena Hernandez and Liz Limeta of the Garment Worker Center.


The event centered around solidarity and student-organizing for the garment worker movement, especially given the Garment Worker Center's current campaign for SB 62, the Garment Worker Protection Act, which will ban the industry practice of piece-rate wages. Follow @garmentworkercenter on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates!

Thank you to Director of Sales Lauren Allen at Alta Gracia, Storyteller Kathryn Ervin at The Industrial Commons, CEO Daniel Cardazo of Ethix Merch, Deputy Director Jessica Champagne of Worker Rights Consortium, and Director of Ethical Labor and Sustainability Liz Kennedy of ASUCLA.


Facilitated by USAC General Representative 2 and USAC Facilities Commission, this panel got really deep into the history of student anti-sweatshop organizing, the conditions we are trying to fight in the exploitative garment industry, and how to work towards divesting campus stores from the industry. Have a listen!