We are a group of student activists who want to encourage our bookstore to reflect our progressive values by stocking ethical and sustainable UCLA apparel and other merchandise. Students have the power to vote with their dollars and make sure that our UCLA merchandise isn’t made with exploited labor, or unsustainable manufacturing techniques. 

Buy Your Values, UCLA is dedicated to using social media, webinars, and in-class lectures to educate student organizations and departments on the history of exploited garment works, and offer them alternative ethical companies they can choose from to help create a stronger economy that works for all.




1. Wages and Benefits

  • We want regionally-specific wages and benefits across the supply chain that ensure all workers have access to provide for themselves and their families. 

2. Worker Health and Safety

  • We want demonstrated adherence to cross-national agreements and reporting through the supply chain. 

3. Worker Voice and Democracy

  • We want open communication with free associations of workers, cooperation with unions, or the support of alternative firm structures such as cooperatives. 

4. Sustainability

  • We want zero waste, carbon neutrality, and other practices important to a cleaner garment industry. 

5. Transparency

  • We understand the current disclosure system, and want further cooperation with said system through the Worker Rights Consortium.  

6. Monitoring and Enforcement

  • We understand there is a system which needs further support, so we encourage stronger efforts to cut companies that do not measure up to standards.